The history of our company is very versatile and it starts from the middle of the 90s, of the last century! At the beginning of our journey, the founders and partners created the structure of freight forwarding and transportation services for the transportation and delivery of goods to the market of the former Soviet Union. At that time, in Athens (Greece) the company was registered with original name INTRA HELLAS. At the beginning of the century (2001) – the company’s management decided to extened the company and re-branding it … and in this regard, in the market of forwarding services we were known as INTERGRUZ ltd. In 2011, after 10 years of successful development and increase of the capital – we have decided to once again substantially remodel and expand our activities, including the decision of renaming once again the company … and we’d like to believe that the company GREKOFF and its services will always remain on demand.

GREKOFF co.ltd – who are we today? This website, dear guests – will help you to understand us! This website is divided in two activities. Guidelines for us are:

Exports of Greek food with a wide range of products and types of packaging (containers).The main segment of products are: Extra virgin olive oil, olives, peppers, a variety of Greek cheeses, including feta cheese, mediterranean salads(antipasti), etc. Please note, that the products we offer to your attention – are only premium class and we can provide all necessary international certificates (ISO, HASSP, BRC, etc.). Before proposing to market a particular product – the export department of our company with great care and skill comes to the preparation of each type of product. We have prepared a series of so-called “Russified” brands that meet the standards and mandatory requirements for sale in the Russian market, and based on the GOST Russian Federation. Our managers can also assist you in providing information on the range of products and prices, and, if necessary – to take part in the transaction for the purchase and transport in the Greek segment of fresh fruit: oranges, tangerines, peaches, strawberries, cherries, cherry, kiwi, apples. Our fruits and vegetables as well as have a decent place on the European market and in third countries as well!

Transport logistics, freight forwarding and transport of goods by road. The main direction and the carriage of goods is: Greece – Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries of the CIS and Baltic states. The fleet of our company consists of 10 truck reefer trailers and tent, as well as long-term contracts with transport companies in Greece, Moldova and Russia. Our carriers are professionals with years of experience in the field of international road transport. Also in this area, we provide services such as customs clearance in Greece handling (loading / unloading) and storage at our warehouse in Athens, assistance with the choice of optimal delivery, monitoring and timely notice of the motion, the arrival of the vehicle to the destination (the customs terminal). Our customers for over 10 years are companies with worldwide fame There are those who have been, or are only in the initial path of development of the business and need help to make the right decision! Besides the standard, relatively complex transportation – our company has experience in carriage and delivering: dangerous Goods (ADR), heavy weight cargo, diplomatic, frozen goods and other goods spetseficheskih!

We would like to reassure you that any contact is important for us. Please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with all the necessary information upon exports of Greek products or our carrieage services.

Thank you!
The team of GREKOFF & Co Ltd.